November 2016

Bardic Chair poets to lecture at The University Of Northampton on Monday 14th December

As Part of the Bardic Chair's on going program of events Justin Thyme (Bardic Picnic Chairman) and Peter James Norman (The 5th Bard Of Northampton) are off on their merry way to the University Of Northampton to perform and run workshops with the first year Events Management, Tourism, and Sports Marketing students at The University Of Northampton. We shall be covering aspects of political, economic, cultural, and environmental (climate change) globalisation as it relates to tourism, events management, and sports

Book Launch for, “I want to know you”, by Bethany McTrustery

Date: 7/11/16 Time: 7pm - 10pm Venue: NN Cafe, 9 Guildhall Road, Northampton, NN1 1DP   The Bardic Chair presents the launch of I Want To Know You By Bethany McTrustery. As part of its mission to promote poetry in Northampton the Bardic Chair is proud to be presenting to the public this wonderful collection of works by Bethany. She has worked tirelessly on creating this book of poetry and has been taking the work on the road to perform at

October 2016

Myths, Legends and Faerie Tales

With sad news in our hearts and heads, we (Peter and Bean) did not quite know what to expect from this year's Raising The Awen Halloween Special. With the announcement on the social network pages of the departure of Juno and Dave (as secretary and treasurer respectively) and then the announcement that Justin Thyme was also to step down as co-host and as chairperson of the Bardic Chair - it had left our minds set a little bit spinning. With

August 2016

Shoe Town

The concrete tower it stares down at all the people that live in shoe town Stood right next to Saints that hallowed ground Cobblers near not far in the shoe town Monolithic the station stands defiant looming red brick square and quiet they tell it "were going to tear you down you brute" Still it stands their still resolute The fish markets gone and I will be next i thinks Its still a haven for those after too many drinks

July 2016

Festival Volunteering Opportunities

If you would like to give something back to the community, meet new people, gain experience of working on a festival, enhance your employability, or have an interest in spoken word, we are always keen to welcome new volunteers. This year we have opportunities available for volunteers to help with the event build, stage management, artist liaison, the family area, catering, site decoration, and selling programmes. No specific skills or experience are necessary. No number of volunteer hours considered too

June 2016

Untitled Poem by Nathan Jones

My bubble in the internet Sweet looking face and beautiful intellect Collectively blessed we undress with our minds Climb above the base and shine on one another I have three brothers A pair of parents And a bunch of cunts that call themselves friends This is where my story ends   Was going to work with chronology Let you follow me through my life Slice it up into bite size pieces Fill it with the hits and the new releases

I Can Imagine

Always riding shotgun, singing A little piece of heaven drumming on the dashboard, perfecting the duet, without taking our eyes from the road.   Split screen Xbox Saturday nights, shared silences, squinting at screens, pizza boxes and coke bottles, performing combo’s, and unplugging the headsets.   Dancing in orange washed cocktail bars as if nobody else was there, telling the high street to be quiet as she huddles on a side street to ring sick for work.   Never running out of peach juice, boxed

May 2016

Raising the Awen Returns!

Next week sees the long-awaited return of Raising the Awen! So, what is this event we Northamptonians get so excited about? Here are a few words from Raising the Awen's host, Justin Thyme: "Raising the Awen is a monthly spoken word and acoustic open mic night based at Northampton's 'The Lab' venue. Awen is the ancient Welsh druid name for a female spirit of inspiration. Drawing on these ancient roots of the ancient Celtic bardic oral tradition we also have